On Premise PBX

An On Premise PBX is a PBX system that resides on the premises of the company that uses the PBX. Voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) service providers have begun to offer more options in private branch exchange (PBX) products and services. Enterprise communications infrastructure serviced by a single, Web-based VoIP infrastructure can platform an entire spectrum of unified communications services and applications.
VoIP services for PBX offer businesses a range of phone, email, and multimedia features, including IP telephony and voice over broadband (VoBB) features, voice-messaging, fax and SMS txt applications. VoIP services stream over IP networks, communicating special media delivery protocols encoded with audio and video codecs.

Optimization of PBX networks with SaaS, is conducted with media streaming via special codecs which conform to application specs and bandwidth, allowing for update and integration of new features as part of the VoIP provider’s platform of services.